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Optimizing your construction production process with digital technology will transform and dramatically increase your productivity, safety, and environmental adaptability

Construction sites around the world are now seeking digital capabilities to improve safety, productivity, and environmental adaptability.
We, EARTHBRAIN Ltd., leverage the use of digital technology to remotely monitor, analyze, and make improvements to construction sites in real-time, including construction site topography, machines, labor, materials, safety, and environmental aspects. We work with our customers to create construction sites of the future where we can optimally control the entire construction process through a digital twin.



Leveraging digital technology to revolutionize the productivity, safety, and environment of civil engineering construction sites

We digitally connect every aspect of the construction site and sublimate all the obtained data (machines, people, materials) into valuable data. We will continue to tackle the core of our customers’ issues with a wide variety of solutions such as site visualization/optimization and remote operation, as well as create new standards for construction processes.

Start today. Even first-time users can begin
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We offer you the most suitable package customized to your needs.
No special knowledge or complicated operations are required,
allowing first-timers to start their digital journey today.



Our Guiding Principles to Provide New Value to Our Customers

  1. Customer Centric
  2. Visionary and Back Casting
  3. Agile Development and Agile Management
  4. Latest and Greatest Technology in the World
  5. Always be Creative and Challenger


Our Offerings

In addition to the devices and solutions developed mainly for the construction production process, we aim to solve all your problems with a package that allows easy introduction of SMART CONSTRUCTION and an open platform that anyone can participate in.

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